Head of the department - Dr. Richa Choudhary (Professor Jr.)

Start date of the department- since January 2017

About the department- Forensic Medicine department is involved teaching and training MBBS students in medico legal work and medical ethics. The under graduate medical students are made familiar with various rights and duties of a Doctor.They are also trained in post-mortem examinations,age estimation in both living and dead person, Dna fingerprinting for identification, blood grouping and testing,semen analysis, saliva analysis,examination of victim and accused of sexual offence cases,laws related to MTP and IVF and surrogacy.

The department is also involved in managing and treating the poisoning cases coming to the hospital.the toxicology unit provides the latest information regarding the specific antidotes for the particular poison for effective management of poisoning cases.

Location - New Academic Block

Senior Residents - Dr Pradeep Kumar Yadav

Junior Residents - None

Facilities - well equipped lecture theatres, two demonstration rooms with seating capacity for 50 students, undergraduate laboratory ,museum,research laboratory, departmental library,seminar room, age estimation room, autopsy block.

Courses Offered - MBBS

Activities - Seminars, CMEs, Quiz, workshops,research work

Areas of expertise - medico-legal work

- Sexual offence victim and accused examination
- Age estimation
- DNA fingerprinting
- Hair analysis
- Blood analysis
- Toxicological analysis

Dr. Richa Choudhary
Designation: Professor Junior Grade
Degree: MBBS, MD
Email: drricha_c@hotmail.com