Medical Education Unit: As per the MCI, it is mandatory for all Medical colleges/teaching Institutes to have a functional medical Education Unit. It was constituted (as per the order no. 266/Director Camp/Dr. RMLIMS/2019; dated 15th April 2019) with following members: 

  1. Prof. Soniya Nityanand Director RMLIMS, (Officer In-charge)
  2. Dr. Jyotsna Agarwal HOD Microbiology, (Convenor)
  3. Dr. Manish Kr. Singh (Co-convenor)
  4. Dr. Namrata Punit Awasthi (Member)
  5. Dr. Navbir Pasricha (Member)
  6. Dr. Richa Chaudhary (Member)
  7. Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh (Member)
  8. Dr. Ritu Karoli (Member)
  9. Dr. Priyanka Rai (Member)
  10. Dr. Vibha Gangwar (Member)
  11. Dr. Rudramani (Member)
  12. Dr Shetanshu Srivastava (Member)

Objectives of MEU:

a. Implementation of new MBBS curriculum as per MCI mandate in phased manner

b. Conducting CISP workshops for all faculties of Dr. RMLIMS.

c. To conduct periodic workshops on Revised Basic AETCOM module for all faculty of Dr. RMLIMS, as per the MCI mandate

d. Faculty development programs and teaching/learning resource

Activities: First Curriculum Implementation Support Program (CISP) workshop for training of in-house faculty of Dr. RMLIMS, is being planned for May 30th to June 1st, 2019. Trained faculty is available to teach this module ( ie. members of Curriculum Development Committee, who have been trained at our nodal centre KGMU, Lucknow).

A Curriculum Development Committee was constituted (Ref. to: letter no. 267/Director camp/Dr. RMLIMS/2019; dated April 15th 2019 and letter no. 409/Director camp/Dr. RMLIMS/2019; dated 24th April 2019), as per MCI mandate, details of which are as follows:



Dr Nuzhat Husain, Prof & Head, Department of Pathology



MEU Coordinator

Dr. Jyotsna Agarwal Prof & Head, Department of Microbiology



Preclinical Faculty

Dr Navbir Parischa, Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy



Paraclinical Faculty

Dr Richa Chaudhary, Associate Professor, Department Forensic Medicine



Medicine & allied disciplines

Dr Ritu Karoli, Associate Professor, Department of General Medicine



Surgery & allied disciplines

Dr Priyanka Rai, Associate Professor, Department of General Surgery



Student rep/Intern

Ms.  Prachi Bhandari, (MBBS 2017 batch)



The main function of this committee is for Curriculum Implementation Support Program of MCI, New Delhi.

Prof. Soniya Nityanand
Designation: Chairman: Director RMLIMS, Officer incharge
Degree: MD,Ph.D

Dr. Jyotsna Agarwal
Designation: Prof. & HOD Microbiology, Co-ordinator
Degree: MBBS, MD
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Dr. Rudramani
Designation: Assistant Professor Dept. of General Surgery, Member
Degree: MS ATLS Instructor

Dr. Priyanka Rai
Designation: Associate Professor & HOD Dept. of General Surgery, Member
Degree: MBBS , MS

Dr. Navbir Pasricha
Designation: Professor (Junior Grade) Dept. of Anatomy, Member
Degree: MBBS, MD

Dr. Namrata Punit Awasthi
Designation: Prof. Junior Grade, Dept. of pathology, Member
Degree: MD
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Dr. Richa Chaudhary
Designation: Associate Professor Dept. of Forensic Medicine, Member
Degree: MBBS, MS

Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh
Designation: Associate Professor Dept. of Community Medicine, Member
Degree: MBBS, MD

Dr Shetanshu Srivastava
Designation: Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Member
Degree: MBBS,MD

Dr. Ritu Karoli
Designation: Professor (Junior Grade) Dept. of General Medicine, Member
Degree: MBBS, MD
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Dr. Vibha Gangwar
Designation: Associate Professor Dept. of Physiology, Member
Degree: MBBS, MD

Dr. Manish Kr. Singh
Designation: Assistant Professor Dept. of Community Medicine, Member

  1. The Department of Medical Education organized the 2nd Curriculum Implementation Support Programme (CISP-II) in Dr RMLIMS, under the aegis of Regional Centre i.e. KGMU, on the 13th to 14th of August 2020. This programme was conducted within the Institution maintaining all protocols of physical distancing as mandated by the guidelines of the Government in lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic.  30 faculties from the Institute comprising of members from pre-clinical, para-clinical, clinical and superspeciality branches attended the two-day workshop in the Conference Hall, Ground Floor, Administrative Building of Dr RML Institute of Medical Sciences.The workshop was organized by Prof Dr Jyotsana Agarwal, Coordinator of MEU. Dr Navbir Pasricha, Associate Professor, Anatomy was Co-organizer of the workshop. Resource faculty included Prof. Jyotsna Agarwal, Dr. Ritu Karoli, Dr Navbir Pasricha, Dr Manish Kumar Singh, Dr Namrata Awasthi, Dr Vibha Gangwar, Dr Richa Choudhury, Dr Eti Sthapak and Dr. Rudramani. Workshop was well appreciated by the participants.

  2. Curriculum Development Committee under chairmanship of Dean Prof. Mukul Misra, and Co-ordinator Medical Education Unit Prof. Jyotsna Agarwal and members Dr. Navbir Pasricha, Dr. Ritu Karoli and Dr. Priyanka Rai; at Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences organized first workshop on Curriculum Implementation Support Program under the aegis of Medical Council of India, form 30th May to 1st June 2019. The workshop was held for the sensitization of faculty of Dr. RMLIMS in view of changing curriculum of MBBS teaching from coming August when the new batch of students join. 27 faculty members from various departments attended the interactive workshop for two and a half days and deliberated on various topics pertaining to MBBS curriculum which has been made in to Competency based Medical Education with host of other changes. On this occasion Director Prof. A. K. Tripathi also interacted with faculty and gave his suggestions. Prof. R.K.Dixit from King George's Medical University was present as the Observer.
  3. National workshop on designing MCQ was organized by Medical Education Unit at RMLIMS, on march 7th, 2020. Work shop was taken by Prof. Tejinder   Singh. 40 participants from RMLIMS and various medical colleges from around Lucknow participated.
    A guest lecture was also taken by Dr Tejinder Singh on Competency based medical education or the faculty of RMLIMS.

   4. On 13th and 14th of august, 2020:Curriculum implementation support program II: 2nd workshop was organized. 30 faculty from RMLIMS attended the workshop
   5. 15-17/07/2021 1st rBCW of NMC for RMLIMS faculty
        11-13/08/2021 2nd rBCW of NMC for RMLIMS faculty

CISP Date- 30th May-1st Jun 2019
Venue - 1st floor conference hall, Observer-Prof Dixit, Resource
Faculty- Dr Jyotsna Agarwal,Dr Navbir Pasricha, Dr Ritu Karoli , Dr Priyanka Rai